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IEEE is a renowned global professional community set up with the objective of encouraging technical innovations that helps in improving quality of human life. It provides learning opportunities within the engineering sciences, research and technology. The IEEE education program aims to ensure the growth of skill and knowledge in electricity-related technical professions and to foster individual commitment to continuing education among IEEE members, the engineering and scientific communities and the general public.

IEEE-TSEC is an organized body, committed to achieving greatness by sincerely spreading knowledge about technology and instills in its members the zeal to open up and welcome a brand new outlook towards the technological world.

IEEE-TSEC encourages its members to keep an open mind and imbibes in them a will to excel and accomplish their dreams. We aim at feeding our member’s curiosities by encouraging them to explore, discover and learn. Students are proud to be a part of this committee and are determined to progress forward and win laurels for the committee.


IEEE-TSEC Student Activities and Conferences (ISAAC) focuses on inquisitiveness, perseverance and penchant for hard work through fusion of knowledge, experimentation and analysis. It works at encouraging the creativity of the future engineers. Being the annual inter-collegiate technical festival of IEEE-TSEC, ISAAC continues bringing out the best in students through seminars, workshops and contests for over 14 years. ISAAC proudly holds the title of being the largest technical festival under Mumbai University. It is an arena, a platform for young intellectual minds to learn and imbibe technical knowledge, battle in contests honing their creative and technical skills, and win laurels commending their perseverance.


Every year, IEEE-TSEC organizes industrial visits to prominent industrial establishments around India, to give students an in-depth view and experience of the workings of the industrial world.


Newton is IEEE-TSEC’s annual even semester fun festival. It is conducted for the benefit of its members in order to introduce them to IEEE-TSEC.

IEEE-TSEC Computer Society offers myriad benefits for individuals to develop a cumulative interest in the field of computing technology. It endeavors to advance the practical and technical application of computing and information technology. This society engages in conducting several beneficial workshops and seminars for the students, to enable them to get a firsthand experience of the wonders of computing technology.

The Computer Society makes a constant effort to become bigger and better so that the members can have tremendous opportunities for participation in fields of computer and information technology.


MOSAIC is an intra-collegiate festival held during the month of February. It consists of seminars and workshops held by professionals from leading companies and technical institutes. This festival aims to expand the technical knowledge of students participating in the festival, by actively engaging them in the workshops and seminars.


IGNITION is an intra-collegiate festival held during the month of August. IGNITION usually consists of workshops and fun events, which test the managerial and organizational skills of the members and the volunteers.

IEEE-TSEC Industry Applications Society (IAS) believes in building a Complete Engineer who is updated with upcoming inventions in the field of technology and scientific development and at the same time has a firsthand experience in learning about robotics and electronics. This society endeavors to promote the advancement of the theory and practice of electrical and electronic engineering in the development, design, manufacture and application of electrical systems.

IEEE-TSEC IAS holds an Industrial Forum once during the course of the entire year to introduce its members to the workings of the industrial world. IEEE-TSEC IAS also has a Distinguished Lecturer program, where a noted dignitary from IEEE comes to college to present a seminar or a conference on current technical innovations.


TECHTRIX is an intra- collegiate even semester festival conducted during the month of February.


FUSION is an intra-collegiate festival held during the month of August. It usually consists of a robotics workshop, which is conducted by the CONATUS team of our college, and a fun event.

IEEE-TSEC Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) is one of the oldest biomedical societies in Mumbai. It benefits its members by advancing in the field of medicine and biology through the application of engineering sciences and technology, promoting the professions of bioengineering. This society strives to regenerate interest and knowledge about the novel world of biotechnology and has the potential to achieve greatness in this field. One of the highlights of IEEE-TSEC EMBS is its annual hospital or research centre visit – HELIX. It also publishes its own newsletter BIOBYTES.


CEREBRATION is an annual inter collegiate festival held at the start of the academic year, in the even semester. It includes seminars and workshops which are taken up by highly qualified professionals from renowned firms/hospitals/institutes. It also conducts a few contests as a part of this event.


It is an annual hospital or research centre visit. It is one of the highlights of IEEE-TSEC EMBS. It gives students an insight into the new advancements in the biotechnical and biomedical world. Students also get a chance of interacting with the experts of the respective field.


The odd semester event of IEEE-TSEC EMBS is 'PULSE'. The volunteers organize the festival which comprises of a seminar and a fun-event.


Biobytes is the newsletter published by the IEEE-TSEC EMBS. The newsletter keeps the students abreast with the latest research and development done in the world of bio-engineering.

IEEE-TSEC Robotics and Automation Society promotes the advancement of science, technology and applications of theory and practice of robotics and automation engineering. This society maintains the highest standard of professionalism and technical competency. IEEE-TSEC RAS strives to keep the members abreast with the latest research and development done in the field of robotics and automation science and engineering.


NOVA is an inter-collegiate festival held during the month of February.


TECHNO is an intra-collegiate festival held during the month of August.

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Computer Society

Robotics and Automation Society

Engineering in Medicine and Biology

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